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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Malaysia Japan Higher Education Program website. We are continuously improving and updating our information in the website and I hope you will be able to learn more about our university and find the information you require. Our vision is to become the premier engineering program by 2020 and our mission is to produce enterprising global professional engineer. We will achieve our mission and realize our vision through excellence in education, training, research, entrepreneurship, consultancy and community services. Our integrated educational curriculum is comprised of four major components namely technical, social, learning and entrepreneurship that aims to provide our graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitude required to contribute towards and play major roles in a knowledge-based economy. Our practice-oriented teaching strategy requires our student to apply their knowledge rather than just memorising them. As such, our laboratory and workshops are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to support the teaching and learning process. Many of our faculty members are those with vast industrial experience, with professional and academic qualifications required to help and guide our students in their development.

Our research activity is focused on developing new technologies and products to support our techno-entrepreneurship ventures with our researchers, graduates and industrial partners. The university partners with many other local and international universities and research institutions to bring closer research knowledge into successful application and commercialization. As in the words of Peter Drucker, ‘knowledge for the most part exists only in application’. Without application, a piece of knowledge is of no use. Our tag line is thus ‘Where Knowledge is Applied. So feel free to browse through our website for more information and we appreciate your feedback on any areas that we can improve. Feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any enquiries or need further information which is not available in our website. Thank You,


Acting Project Director Malaysia Japan Higher Education Program

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